M) Sinterengobe formules

Wat is een sinterengobe



Waarop kan je een sinterengobe aanbrengen.




Formules van sinterengobes

Sinterengobe 1                               1160°C

Ball clay                                            30

China clay                                        30

Loodbisilicaatfritte                        35

Kwarts                                               5

Sinterengobe 2                               1160°C

Ball clay                                            30

China clay                                        30

Loodbisilicaatfritte                         35

Kwarts                                                30

Sinterengobe 3                                1160°C

Ball clay                                             30

China clay                                         30

Loodbisilicaatfritte                          50

Kwarts                                                 30

Sinterengobe 4                                 1260°C

Ball clay                                              40

China clay                                          40

Loodbisilicaatfritte                           10


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